Award-Winning Stairlifts

Acorn 130

Straight Stairlift

A straight stairlift will carry you up a straight flight of stairs in a premium carriage. Acorn Stairlift's created this model for stairs without any twists, bends, or loops. The lift is the perfect addition to your home and can streamline your stair needs.

The original Acorn Stairlift design was the inspiration for this modern-day marvel. All the capability of the initial idea but with the luxury of current technology. When this lift is installed, there will be no structural alterations to your home with low running costs all year long.

This stairlift is easily fit to the stairs instead of the wall, so there is no need to worry about lasting damage.

Acorn 180

Curved Stairlift

This specifically designed stairlift is made for each non-straight staircase, with loops, turns, and curves. Every lift is made custom for the safety needs of any unique home and staircase.  

The curved stairlift is custom-made to your specifications, but this does not delay the construction process. For the professional surveyors and technicians, receiving the design for your particular staircase is completed quickly, and you won't need to wait.

When installation day comes, this stairlift can be conveniently attached to the stairs rather than your wall.

Acorn 130

Outdoor Stairlift

This stairlift gives your outdoor needs a fresh approach. You can find stairlifts both in and out of your home. 

Whether there are steep stairs or a difficult drive up, an exterior stairlift opens up the outdoors once more. There is no need for a wall because the lift easily connects to the stairwell. Installation is simple and takes just a few hours on average.

When not in use or during inclement weather, an exterior cover is available. Furthermore, if the stairlift detects a hazard, such as those encountered outside, it will come to a halt.

Safety Features Included On All Models 

  • Foldable Footrest 
  • Seat belt
  • Diagnostic Display
  • Remote control
  • Replacement battery

Quality Down to the Core

  • Complies with all the newest safety standards
  • Build to last in Acorn Stairlift owned Manufacturers
  • Independently tested through a 37-point inspection

Installation with Acorn Stairlifts is made simple and easy. Whatever your staircase needs are, Acorn has you covered. 

A thorough home survey is free, and you are under no obligation to purchase!